Hey! I'm Nora👋

Hi I'm Nora! I'm known online as nora2605, Lümir/Luemir Nijimi or Nora Judith. I'm a hobbyist everything-doer, jack of all trades, consumer and creator and a self-proclaimed goddess and seraph. This will eventually be a homepage for all my projects, intellectual property, and interests. Use the navigation menu to explore a little.
Keep in mind, this website is still under construction, so some pages may not be available yet.

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What I do

I do a lot of things, but most of them are creative. I make music, art, games, and conlangs. I also write stories and code; including working on my own programming language. Chances are, if you have a hobby, you can convince me to do it as well.

If I'm not very online right now, I'm probably touching grass by doing archery, playing instruments (collection on my blog) or working/studying for my computer science degree.

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