About Me

Hi, I'm Nora, I'm a hobbyist composer/musician, artist, programmer, conlanger and whatever based where you are not. I love creating and sharing my work with the world because i desperately need people to listen to me and give me more ideas, and this website is like a good starting point. Here you'll find links to my various projects and interests, as well as a blog where I share my awesome instrument collection with some knowledge.


some banger info

I've always had a passion for music, art, and language. I started playing piano at a young age, and have since expanded my repertoire to include a variety of other instruments. I also enjoy creating visual art, and have been drawing and painting for like 3 years as consequence of covid. My interest in conlangs (constructed languages, yk when you invent one) started when I was making my first OC and its environment, and yeah I made like 11 worlds more...

My banger Work

I'm always working on something ig. Maybe it's new maybe it's not who knows. But what I know is that I procrastinate a lot. If you are interested in a thing I'll probably have enough motivation boost from the fact that there is someone existing who's remotely interested in what I do that I finish it in 2 weeks but... until then you gotta wait or help me yourself. mwew

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